New York: A snapshot

Everything that I understood about modern day New York can be summarized by a scene I witnessed while walking through West Village one night.

I was crossing the street and a Ferrari passed, with two girls in the back eating pizza. As I was crossing the street, two bros in baseball caps also saw what I was seeing. As the car turned the corner, one of the bros turned and said to the other in an awestruck manner, “That is goals”. Emphasis on the goals.

This happened fairly early on in my move to the US, and aside from the absurdity and comic relief that it provided, it was a moment that stuck with me as the epitomization of the lavishness of the 1%, and the other 99%’s consequent fascination and desire for their lives.

As I thought about the scene more and more, it seemed that New York, once gritty, cool and a place where starving artists called home, was now more than ever, a place that was pricing out the middle and lower income people to serve the unattainably wealthy.

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