The Great American Road Adventure: Arizona

On a Friday, Michael and I packed up and left San Francisco to fly to Arizona. The apartment was getting progressively emptier, as we had sold two pieces of furniture, in preparation for the move back to New York, and it felt strangely surreal to leave the apartment with less furniture. I was undoubtedly glad to leave San Francisco, but it felt surreal leaving that day, knowing that I wouldn’t be back for a long time.

Michael and I had planned for a couple months’ to do a big road trip across America, ending in New York, where we would spend a couple of days apartment hunting. The first stop on our trip was Arizona, where Michael’s mother lived.

We flew out of San Francisco on Friday night, and arrived in Phoenix at around 9pm. Our arrival in Phoenix was marked by hot weather, even during that time of the night. We got an Uber to Michael’s mother’s condo in Scottsdale, and after a catch up, settled in for the night.

The next morning, the Arizona heat could be felt even in the apartment. The three of us got ready and drove to downtown Scottsdale for brunch. The temperature was around 40 degrees Celsius that day, and it would quickly become unbearable to stay outdoors for too long. DSC_0764

We had brunch at a Scottsdale cafe, that was neither good nor bad. Upon entering the cafe though, I was confronted with a version of America I’d heard about. The stereotypes of hordes of large, white people came to life as we entered the cafe. It was notable that I was the only colored person in the room.

After brunch, Michael, his mother and I strolled around by the waterfront in Scottsdale. The heat only permitted us to stroll for perhaps 20 minutes, before we got tired of the heat and overbearing sun, and went back to the car. Pauline then drove us to Hertz, where we picked up our rental car, and then went back to her condo to organize our things.

Due to the short time we spent in Scottsdale and Phoenix, the place kind of failed to make an impression on me, either negative or positive. Michael was eager to begin our road adventure, and said we’d have plenty of time to visit Arizona again in the future.

With that, we began our road journey on a Saturday afternoon. Our first stop was New Mexico.

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