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I was taking one of my friends for a farewell lunch before she left the country for an extended period of time. Missy French had been on my hit list for awhile, and the convenience of it being open for a Saturday was the deciding factor in our ending up there. I had made a reservation for lunch on a Saturday around 1pm, and when we got there, there were a few diners, but it wasn’t particularly busy.

The dining room featured wooden chairs, white tablecloths, brick walls painted grey, a patterned tile floor, and an exposed industrial ceiling that should have contrasted with the whole space, but strangely, worked with it. E and I both admired the decor, and while we did so, a staff member who spoke French-accented English came over to ask if we wanted any alcoholic beverages. After a few minutes, we opted not to have alcohol, and looked over Missy French’s lunch menu.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Missy French offers a two course menu for $45, or three courses for $55. E and I thought it was great value, so of course we opted for the three course menu.

Tuna Nicoise Salad

The tuna nicoise salad was arranged neatly on the plate in a deconstructed fashion. The tuna was soft, and lightly seared. The egg was perfectly poached, containing a runny golden centre which oozed onto the plate as I pricked it with my fork and mixed the yolk into the other ingredients.

Holmbrae chicken liver parfait with ficelle and cornichons

The chicken liver parfait had a smooth consistency with a bold flavour that wasn’t stretched thin. The aspic was soft, with a strong beef flavour. I had never been a fan of aspic previously, the gelatinous layer of beef jelly used to seal pate made me gag the first time I ate it. Missy French’s version was a delight to eat though. There is some skill in making beef jelly appetising.

Pork pithivier

The pork pithivier had a crisp, flaky pastry with a buttery aftertaste. Soft, mashed peas sat below the pastry, which encased tender and succulent pork meat. The dish had a decent amount of gravy served with it, which didn’t drown the dish. E enjoyed this very much, as did I.

Half roasted corn fed chicken,

The corn fed chicken was lightly dusted with sea salt, with a crisp exterior and moist, tender interior. The skin also had a slightly smoky flavour. At the bottom was a chunky mushroom sauce. The meat was well cooked and I liked the combination of flavours.

Chocolate dacquoise with poached pear and gingerbread ice cream

The chocolate dacquoise with poached pear was rich, with a texture reminiscent of chocolate mousse. The sweet poached pear was a nice contrast to the bitter chocolate flavour. On the side was gingerbread ice cream, which complemented the sweet pear and bitter chocolate flavours very well.

Blueberry and cherry tart

The blueberry and cherry tart had a creamy, custard-like interior encased by a hard pastry. Preserved cherries and blueberries sat atop the custard, adding a sour contrast to the mild custard.

E and I were pleased with our dining experience at Missy French. We thought the three course menu was great value, as was the service, quality of food and ambience. In my opinion, it’s the most underrated French restaurant in Sydney.

Rating: 8/10



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