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Pablo and Rusty’s was not my choice for an indulgent Friday breakfast before work. S and I had plans to check out Gray’s at Circa, the collaborative pop up by Edition Coffee Roasters, and Circa Espresso, but as the chefs were running late, and because I start work at 8am, we ended up at Pablo and Rusty’s down the street, at S’s suggestion.
Pablo and Rusty’s for a weekday breakfast is ideal if you are a 9-5’er (8-5’er, in my situation), as was demonstrated by clientele that day. Nearly everyone in the cafe was wearing a suit, which is fine, if hipsters aren’t your thing. It was fairly busy, but the cafe staff seated us and brought us menus straight away. We were also asked immediately if we would like coffees.




S and I decided to go with the White Corn Tortillas ($19) and the Ham Hock Bubble and Squeak ($22), in addition to our coffees.


White corn tortillas, smoky black beans, haloumi fluff, verde picante, guindillas and smashed eggs

S had the white corn tortillas, and stated that the texture of the eggs didn’t work, while the heat and spice in the dish covered a lot of faults, and the beans were too firm. The tortilla however, was the right level of softness, and very floury, which he liked. In my opinion, I thought the heat of the tortilla dish was entirely too much, and I’m a person who appreciates a lot of spice and kick. I also thought it was overly heavy on the stomach.

Ham hock bubble and squeak, lardo roast veggies, edamame crush, ramen egg and pea leaves

The ham hock was again a heavy dish, in addition to being oily, and salty. Its saving grace was that the egg was perfectly poached. The pea leaves covered the pieces of edamame scattered about the dish, and the slivers of salty, greasy ham. S said the ham hock was very good, with a nice texture and smoky flavour, hint of caramelisation, that wasn’t quite melt in your mouth with a hint of al dente.

The food was not bad, but failed to amaze me. The oiliness of everything also left my stomach lurching, and neither of us finished our dishes. On the plus side, we had been attended to quickly, the food was served quickly, and the service was good. Overall, not terrible, but I won’t be rushing back, despite its vicinity to work.

Rating: 6/10

Address: 161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 5pm, Saturday 8am – 3pm

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