Priorities and options

I had a thousand options, and no priorities. I had been searching for something all that time, and I still didn’t really have a clear idea what. Meanwhile, there was someone on the other side of the world whose name I couldn’t forget.

I saw M a few weeks ago, for a spontaneous dinner. M has always been very blunt with me, and we’ve had many arguments over his bluntness, and negative opinions (he calls it “realism”). M said he didn’t know why I hadn’t bought my ticket and left already. With no serious relationship on the horizon, and a job that I was ambivalent about, I was biding my time in Sydney. I was scared of going to New York, for sure, but I also didn’t want to have any regrets if I stayed here and didn’t take my opportunity when I had the chance. M’s words knocked some sense into me (like they always do), so with that I decided I’d better pack my bags and go, before I got stuck in a place I didn’t want to be in.

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