Chester White Cured Diner

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Chester White Cured Diner is the sister restaurant to Buffalo Dining Club, and although I had tried Buffalo Dining Club some time ago, I was again in the mood to eat pasta out of a giant cheese wheel (is there any other mood?) and decided to try Chester White for some sort of minor variation.

In some sort of serendipitous coincidence, Chester White recently started opening for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and it was about a week or two after this that I decided to come, having been turned down on a Friday evening.

I arrived at Chester White around 1 ish and was greeted by a member of staff, and seated immediately. The restaurant was mostly empty and their lack of customers surprised me, given their immense popularity at dinner times. K was 20 minutes late for our lunch date, and this time was ample for me to peruse the menu.

Chester White’s brunch menu


Interior of Chester White

When K arrived, we only had a brief look over the menu before finally ordering. It’s safe to say that most people order the Truffle Cacio E Pepe ($21), which is the famous pasta served out of a cheese wheel. It was also this that K and I also decided to order, although I have a deep loathing for ordering the same dish as my dining companion at a restaurant, although in some cases, it simply can’t be avoided.

Truffle Salami + Speck ($6 each)

I also ordered some cured meats on the side, and had the speck recommended to me by a member of the staff, who said the speck would be a nice contrast to the truffle salami. The meats were a welcome addition to be eaten together with the truffle spaghetti, which arrived at our table shortly after.


One of the staff members brought tossed the spaghetti in the cheese wheel as he walked over to us, and I watched K’s amused face as he did so.


There are not many ways for food to make a grander entrance than to be served out of a giant Pecorino cheese wheel. The truffle spaghetti was garnished with parsley, black truffles, and salt and pepper. I had been hoping for an intense truffle flavour hit, but the taste was more subtle.


The texture of the pasta wasn’t too soft nor firm. The lack of sauce made the pasta a little dry, but this wasn’t unpleasant. All in all, it was a light pasta dish with simple flavours. It didn’t wow me, but considering that I like bold, rich flavours in food, this wasn’t surprising.

The ambience at Chester White is cosy, relaxed and unpretentious. The restaurant is usually full to the brim for dinner, but during lunch it is relatively quiet. Should I come back again, I will try a different dish rather than the Truffle Cacio E Pepe.

Rating: 7/10

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