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As the weather in Sydney took a turn for the worse, my friends and I had a craving for brunch in an attempt to ward off the rainy day blues. And so, with brunch in mind, we ventured to Revolver Cafe in Annandale.


We arrived around 12pm, and were greeted by a member of staff immediately and enthusiastically. He gave us copies of the menu and was happy to make recommendations. Revolver also has a chalkboard menu featuring daily specials, situated near the cash register.


The three of us decided to take up the man on his recommendations, and ordered the Lamb Bruschetta ($18), Trout Rosti ($17.5), and one of the specials of the day, Mussels Bloody Mary ($17.50).

Mussels Bloody Mary

The timing was excellent, with all dishes arriving at exactly the same time, and also not too long after we had ordered. The Mussels Bloody Mary consisted of linguini with mussels, chorizo, Black Russian vodka, and tomato juice. Admittedly the vodka flavour was lost on me, but the pasta was cooked well and the mussels were fresh.

Lamb Bruschetta

The Lamb Bruschetta was J’s dish, and my favourite of all that Revolver served us that day. The slow roasted lamb was served with spinach, pumpkin hummus, feta, and chili roasted almonds. The meat was tender and fell apart easily when we picked at it with our utensils. All the elements of the lamb bruschetta made it a very flavoursome dish, with the feta being the strongest flavour overall. The bread it was served on was thick and soft. It was quite tasty, but very heavy on the stomach, and J couldn’t finish it, leaving me a portion to eat at the end.

Trout rosti

Upon seeing this dish, I couldn’t help but feel that the kindly man who took our order had conned me into ordering it. In my mind, ‘rosti’ conjured up idyllic images of the thick potato pancakes I had eaten in Switzerland, and Revolver’s rosti paled in comparison. In defence of Revolver Cafe though, they had clearly stated that corn was the main ingredient in the rosti. In contrast to the lamb bruschetta, the trout rosti was more simple in tastes and didn’t have any overpowering flavours. I enjoyed the juicy pieces of corn that popped out, as I cut into the rosti. The avocado and smoked trout went well together.

The dishes we had ordered at Revolver, although pleasant to eat, were quite filling, and the three of us all struggled to finish everything on our plates. Both the lamb bruschetta and the trout rosti were unfinished. I would recommend that people with smaller appetites share dishes, or else save a trip to Revolver for when you are very hungry, or for the first meal of the day.

Service was lovely, as was the ambience. J remarked when we came inside, that she hadn’t thought the cafe would look as nice as it did. Despite that, the three of us agreed as we walked outside after paying the bill, that we wouldn’t be in a rush to come back.

Rating: 6/10


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