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As with many newish restaurants these days, I discovered Bar Luca on Instagram. The pictures of their ‘Blame Canada’ burger looked utterly unlike anything else that Sydney had to offer at the moment, and with this in mind, I made plans with a friend to eat here one Thursday night.

Unfortunately for Sydney diners, Bar Luca is only open from Monday – Friday, and situated near Wynyard, making it a hot spot for CBD suits, but a no go zone for anyone else. I arrived here at around 7:30pm on a Thursday evening, and was lucky that my friend Sonia had arrived much earlier and saved us a table. That evening, the bar was thrumming with groups, and there weren’t many spare seats in sight. Sonia and I made our way to the bar and ordered at the cashier- she decided on a Cheeseburger ($12) while I decided to have Blame Canada ($15).

We waited at our tables about 15-20 minutes before our food was served.

Cheeseburger ($12) and Blame Canada ($15)
Cheeseburger ($12) and Blame Canada ($15)

The regular burger menu at Bar Luca includes the Cheeseburger, Wagyu Beef Burger, and Blame Canada, but they also have weekly specials. Blame Canada, with strips of maple fried bacon, American cheese and sweet maple Aioli, it tastes like a glorious heart attack (if ever such a thing existed). I liked the sweetness of the sauce paired with the creamy, melted cheese and succulent beef. The bacon was crisp and flavoursome, complemented by the sweet maple aioli.

Sonia’s Wagyu cheeseburger looked simple, but delicious in comparison to the ostentatious Blame Canada. Including American cheese, lettuce, a thick beef patty, and tomato with aioli. Her beef patty was slightly pink on the inside and dripped juice down her hand, as mine had when I bit into it (the mark of a succulent, juicy burger). Bites of the burgers were interchanged with exclamations and wonder about how anyone could make burgers so ridiculously good (Bar Luca can).

sydney restaurants bar luca

bar luca sydney restaurants burger porn

Rating: 7/10

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