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Funnily enough, this is one of my favourite cafes which I go to semi-frequently, and yet I still haven’t managed to write up a blog post on it. The following photos are gathered from the multitude of times I’ve visited during the past year.

Range of macarons at Cre Asion
Range of macarons at Cre Asion

Located in an alleyway off Goulbourn Street in CBD, you’d have difficulty finding out about this cafe unless you had prior plans to come here. On one of our first visits here one of my friends lovingly dubbed Cre asion as: “a cafe made for ants”. Her statement is not incorrect. Cre Asion is a tiny cafe, seating at most about 12 people. Not only that, the low-line tables and stools seem to have been designed with small people in mind.

The glass floor to ceiling exterior and minimal, white furniture contribute to the cafe’s modern Japanese aesthetic. When entering, you order and pay at the cashier, then take a seat and wait for your food to be brought out. The food and drinks here are always served promptly after ordering.



Cre Asion does coffee but their real specialty is their matcha lattes, which are a mandatory order whenever I come here. Cre Asion has been around for a few years now, and have been slowly expanding their menu to include food and matcha desserts.

Matcha muffin, matcha swiss log, and matcha latte
Matcha muffin, matcha swiss log, and matcha latte

It’s hard to say which are my favourites out of their matcha dessert range; which currently include a Matcha Muffin, Matcha Swiss Roll and Matcha Fondant ($6.50 for take away, $8.50 eat in). The Matcha Muffin is good for people who want a matcha hit on the go. It combines a strong green tea flavour with an interior of cream cheese and strawberry filling, that never gets too cloying.

The Matcha Swiss Roll is soft and fluffy, with an intensely flavoured matcha cream interior. The best thing about matcha desserts is that you get all the sweetness without feeling like you’ve overdosed on sugar.

Matcha lattes and three matcha fondants
Matcha lattes ($5) and three matcha fondants

The matcha lattes at Cre Asion are reminiscent of the quality you will only find in Japan. Matcha lattes here are crafted with a strong green tea flavour that are infinitely better than any other matcha lattes in Sydney.

The matcha fondants at Cre Asion are chocolate, with a green tea matcha interior. Served with sliced strawberries and a thick, matcha sauce on the side, this dessert is nothing short of glorious. The chocolate fondant is rich, and is the perfect combination with the matcha pour over sauce. J and I basically licked the plate clean when we were eating this.

matcha fondant
Interior of the Matcha Fondant

All in all, Cre Asion is my number one cafe in Sydney for matcha hits.

The service is friendly and polite, and the food is top quality with much lower prices than most other Sydney cafes.

The only setback of Cre Asion is its limited seating and hours. The majority of the time, I come here around midday and am always able to get a seat. On weekends though, Cre Asion is only open on Saturdays and closes at 4pm, so I imagine it’s much harder to find seating then.

Rating: 10/10


2 thoughts on “Cre Asion

    • Agreed! My only wish is that the cafe was a little bigger, and that they were open on Sundays 😦 Hopefully this will change in time!

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