Don’t date a man who travels

Don’t date a man who travels, despite how tempting it is. A man who travels is probably the most exciting man you will ever meet. He will tell you stories of backpacking in Asia, living in New York, London and Tokyo, that will make it seem as if you lived through those experiences too. He will be the best storyteller you’ve ever met (and will ever meet). Long after you’ve gone home, when you’re suffering insomnia and the blues at 2am, these stories are what will keep you awake.

No one will ever live up to him.

Don’t date a man who travels, because he doesn’t call anywhere home. He will never settle in one place long enough. And that means, not settling down with anyone. Because settling down means commitment, stagnancy, dullness.

A man who travels will make you green with envy, for his exciting life. You’ve never been so jealous of anyone before. He’ll introduce you to his equally fascinating and successful friends, all of whom are variations of him in different packaging. They’ll make you wonder how you ever lived a life so small, inhabiting just one tiny space in a corner of the world. They’ll dazzle you with the things they’ve seen and done. More than anything, you’ll want to be a part of their lives.

Don’t date a man who travels, because a man who travels leaves easily. He has gotten used to it, in the many years of expat life, and the 10 vacations he takes per year. He can pack a suitcase faster than you can snap your fingers. He doesn’t know how to stay. In a blink of an eye, he’ll be gone. One day, you’ll wake up and find that he’s not there, departed on a spontaneous trip to Brazil, and the only way you’ll know is by the pictures he posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t date a man who travels, because you will run into him in other countries when you least expect it. Around every corner, every exotic location, there is always the possibility of him, when you least want it.

Don’t date a man who travels, because a man who travels will break your heart. You will never be enough to quench his thirst for adventure. A man who travels is unforgettable. Years will pass, and you will still find yourself walking around with your head full of him, wondering where he is spending his days, and who he is filling them with. You wonder if anyone will ever be able to capture his nomad heart, the way you never could.

The worst thing is that you will never be the same.

You search for him, in the others that come after. No one will ever thrill you the way he did, by simply just walking into the room. You don’t care if anyone stays anymore, because the one who mattered most, didn’t. You tell yourself that it doesn’t matter, because you have nothing to offer them but broken things anyway.

You become the girl with the nomad heart. You learn to leave easily. You pack your bags faster than anyone can snap their fingers. Instead of dreaming about running away, you buy tickets and just go. You stop calling anywhere home. But inside, your nomad heart waits for the one who will make you stay still, again. 

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