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Despite Devon Cafe being one of my self-proclaimed favourite cafes in Sydney, it had taken me a very long time to make my way to its newer counterpart, Devon on Danks. It was raining on the day we came here, and Amelia and I were lucky enough to find parking right across the street. Even though it was a weekday at lunchtime, the place was busy and we had to wait a little bit before being seated. In terms of ambience, I feel like Devon on Danks has less of a hipster feel than its Surry Hills counterpart.

In addition to their paper menu, Devon on Danks also has a chalkboard specials menu, which includes their popular soft serves with ever changing flavours.

Specials on the blackboard at Devon on Danks
Specials on the blackboard at Devon on Danks

We had a brief look over the menu before ordering. Amelia and I were so hungry by this point that we decided to have something sweet before our savory dishes, and ordered a cronut to share. The service was pleasant and friendly. I should note that I have never had bad service at Devon Cafe either.

Caramel popcorn cronut
Caramel popcorn cronut $6.50

Devon’s cronut ranked on the scale as one of the better cronuts I have tried in my life. The outside layers were crisp, with a good popcorn to cronut ratio.

Green Eggs and Ham
Green Eggs and Ham $20

Admittedly I never read any Dr Seuss novels as a child, but when I saw that Devon on Danks had created a real life version of Dr Seuss’s dish, I had to try it. One of the things I love most about Devon is their quirky culinary creations, which breathe new life in modern Australian cuisine. The dish came with a thick piece of bacon, fatty and succulent. Included was Devon’s signature 63 degree egg, with pea puree, soybeans and crispy potato.

The Manny P Burger $19
The Manny P Burger $19

I had a bit of Amelia’s burger, which included perfectly fried chicken and chilli mayo. The chips were thick cut and seasoned nicely.


Rating: 7/10

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