Vicinity Dining

Address: 90 Bourke Road, Alexandria

Opening hours: 8am-11pm Monday – Thursday, 8am-12am Friday – Saturday, 8am-7pm Sunday

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It was a regular Sunday morning except for the fact that Jess, Michael and I had come from Michael’s birthday the previous night and had barely had a wink of sleep. The three of us were hungry and Michael wasn’t fussed about where to eat. He wasn’t bothered to drive very far, which was the main reason why we ended up at Vicinity Dining.

While we were driving here, I had had no intention of eating at Vicinity Dining and expressed my reluctance to eat here with the assumption that it would be a sub-par experience. However, birthday boy gets what he wants, so Jess and I followed in tow with rumbling stomachs.

I had been to Vicinity Dining once before, for dessert. That time I had also had an average experience, which was one reason I didn’t want to eat here again. The only real benefit of this place is that it has a large seating area, so we were seated immediately after entering. We were given copies of the menu to look at, and I didn’t really find anything appealing except for the pancakes which were described simply as coming with banana, ricotta and honey.

Vicinity Dining's breakfast menu
Vicinity Dining’s breakfast menu

After a few minutes of looking at the menu, a waitress came over to see if we wanted to order drinks. Due to our collective lack of sleep, we asked the waitress once more what kind of juices were available. For one second a look of rage contorted the waitress’s features before they once settled into normalcy, as she again explained the kinds of juices available. Michael decided to have the Big Breakfast ($17) while Jess ordered the Smashed Avocado ($16) while I decided to have the Pancakes ($14).ย 

Smashed Avo on Sourdough toast ($14)
Smashed Avocado on Sourdough toast ($14)

As the photos probably suggest, the food was average, a fact that Jess, Michael and I voted unanimously upon. Jess and Michael had ordered fairly standard breakfast menu items which you can’t really go wrong with. Neither one of them had real cause to complain about their food, but in my personal opinion it’s extremely difficult to mess up breakfast meats, eggs and toast. That being said, neither of them felt that their breakfast was particularly appetizing, and although finishing the food on their plates, everything was eaten to satisfy hunger rather than the food actually being delicious. When we asked Jess what she thought of her food, the answer given was a resounding “meh”.

Big Breakfast ($17)
Big Breakfast ($17)

Out of the three of us, I was probably the one to have the most cause for complaint. I had decided to go with the pancakes, and was sadly disappointed with what came out. Due to the restaurant’s succinct description of their pancakes, I really had no idea about what the pancakes would look or taste like, but in my mind, I thought that Vicinity Dining would be creating their own rendition of Bills’ much loved ricotta pancakes.

My hopes were crushed when the actual pancakes came out, shattering the mental image I had.

Pancakes with banana, ricotta and honey ($14)
Pancakes with banana, ricotta and honey ($14)

I was taken aback when I saw that the pancakes were topped with ricotta instead of having the ricotta mixed into the pancake batter. I’m not sure if any ricotta had also been mixed into the pancakes as well, but it sure didn’t taste like it. As with Michael and Jess, I had nothing to complain about in terms of taste. The pancakes were cooked all the way through with no moistness at all.

Althogh the food wasn’t bad, none of us really enjoyed anything that we ate, and nor did we plan on returning in the near future.

Rating: 5/10

2 thoughts on “Vicinity Dining

    • Topping the pancakes with ricotta was such a strange combination! If I ever go back, I definitely won’t order these again

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