Edition Coffee Roasters

Address: 265 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 3:30pm, Saturday – Sunday 8am – 3:30pm

Website: http://www.editioncoffeeroasters.com

Edition Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

Having just arrived home from Japan in early March, I was on the lookout for Japanese restaurants that I hadn’t yet tried in order to counteract my post holiday withdrawals. Edition Coffee Roasters, a newish Nordic-Japanese fusion cafe was the first place I wanted to try. I met Shona in CBD and we walked up to Edition Coffee Roasters from World Square. It took us less than 10 minutes, and was easy to locate. Shona immediately fell in love with the light minimal interior and kept exclaiming how cute the cafe was. It was a Friday morning, and the cafe was quiet, with only a few other diners inside. Shona and I took seats by the wall, and were immediately acknowledged by one of the staff and brought menus once we had sat down. One of the things that had intrigued me the most about Edition Coffee Roasters was its choice in fusing together two relatively dissimilar cuisines- Nordic and Japanese. DSC_0001 The most Instagrammed pictures of food here are undoubtedly the Black Rice and the Smorrebrod.ย  Shona decided to go with the Black Rice, and I opted for the Smorrebrod. The Smorrebrod was pretty much all my favourite things on one plate: smoked salmon, creme fraiche, radish, tobiko, and dark rye bread. I believe the rye bread was a particular Nordic kind of bread. It broke apart easily with a texture that was slightly moist (but in the best way possible) with a flavour that was different to any other kind of bread that I had tasted before. I enjoyed it thoroughly and loved this dish overall. All the elements were light and complemented each other perfectly. The salmon did not taste like it was smoked, but it was fresh and I wasn’t complaining as I prefer the taste of fresh salmon over smoked salmon.

Smorrebrod ($19) with smoked salmon, tobiko, radish and creme fraiche on dark rye bread
Smorrebrod ($19) with smoked salmon, tobiko, radish and creme fraiche on dark rye bread
Black Rice ($15) coconut yoghurt, azuki, seasonal fruit, grains, seeds, coconut
Black Rice ($15) coconut yoghurt, azuki, seasonal fruit, grains, seeds, coconut

The Black Rice is probably one of the most aesthetically appealing breakfast dishes I’ve seen. The rice was cooked well, with a texture that was semi-firm, complemented by thick layers of coconut yoghurt strewn through it. Throw edible flowers, dried coconut and freeze-dried fruit pieces into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for all round deliciousness. The Black Rice is good for people who have a sweet tooth but don’t want something that tastes overly sugary.

Japanese drip ($5)
Japanese drip ($5)

Rating: 8/10 Shona and I both admired the cuteness and simplicity of the cafe’s decor. The service was warm and friendly, and I loved the novelty of the fusing together of two relatively unrelated cuisines.

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