Ice Cream Dreams: Aqua S

When I was a child, my dessert of choice was Mcdonald’s vanilla soft serve in a cone, or the soft serve sundae in a cup with hot chocolate or strawberry sauce. I preferred the soft serve sundae with strawberry sauce, but my mother would protest, because, try as I might, I was never able to finish the soft serve sundae.

Now as a 20-something, my taste hasn’t deviated much from my childhood. Ice cream, gelato, and soft serve are still my favourite desserts; the latter being my ultimate weakness. After traveling to Japan and experiencing the plethora of soft serve ice creameries there, I lamented Sydney’s lack of soft serve shops to my friends and dreamed of opening my own soft serve shop in Sydney to rival even the most delectable soft serve shops that Japan had to offer.

The opening of Aqua S, a new soft serve ice creamery has both answered my prayers and shattered my dreams. Despite the ice creamery’s very recent opening in mid January 2015, they have managed to flood my Facebook and Instagram feeds with photos of their current soft serve flavours: lemon tea, sea salt, and biscotti, with the toppings toasted marshmallow, sweet popcorn, fairy floss and popping candy.

In the short span of two weeks, I’ve managed to visit Aqua S two times (yes, it was that good). On my second visit, I came with C after a lunch date in the city. We came on a Sunday around 1 or 2pm. Located in Regent Place, directly across from Chanoma, Aqua S is unmissable, with a bright interior of blue walls painted to resemble the sky, and tiled, spotless white floors. The walls here are lovingly adorned with Polaroid pictures of their delicious soft serves and satisfied customers. The shop is small with only a few tables and chairs around, but it’s a place where people either get takeaway or eat and run.

Fairy floss is a popular option, but more for people who enjoy foods that are visually appealing ie. people who Instagram their food. I tried fairy floss on my first visit and found it difficult to eat around, so this time I opted for sweet popcorn and toasted popcorn as toppings, these looked good enough on their own and were also delicious.

This time, I chose the sea salt flavour with sweet popcorn and toasted marshmallow toppings on a dark chocolate wafer cone (cups are also available). From memory, I think it was about $6.00, give or take a few cents. The soft serve in a cup or cone alone is about $3.

I love contrasting textures in my food, and Aqua S has mastered the art of this, with its crisp, sweet popcorn and creamy soft serve. The ice cream melts quickly and on both occasions I’ve been left with sticky fingers, dabbing at my clothes trying to get ice cream stains out. The sea salt flavour at Aqua S is sweet with only a hint of saltiness, perfect for those who like a mix of salty and sweet flavours. Despite being of an age where I’m probably too old for soft serves, Aqua S transported me back to my childhood and made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Their flavours change every two weeks, and I’m already planning my next visit.


Address: 501 George Street, in Regent Place (directly across the road from Town Hall station)


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