Bowery Lane, Sydney CBD

Address: 1 O’ Connell Street, Sydney

Opening hours: Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday – Friday, dinner only on Saturdays


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Sometimes you hear something being repeated so much, you begin to believe it yourself. After one of my friend’s constant remarks about wanting to go to Bowery Lane, I also started wanting to go there, despite never having heard of it before he mentioned it. This is how M and I ended up here for dinner one Monday evening. We had made a prior reservation, and were the first ones in the restaurant.

Named after the oldest thoroughfare in Manhattan, Bowery Lane blends modern Australian fare with turn of the century rustic American cuisine. Going there with no expectations, M and I were pleasantly awed by the sleek, dark interiors of the dining room.

Bowery Lane's dining room
Bowery Lane’s dining room

M and I were seated in a cute booth that just fit two people.

Oysters Kilpatrick ($23 for half a dozen)
Oysters Rockefeller ($23 for half a dozen)

The Oysters Rockefeller ($23) consisted of grilled oysters with garlic, herbs and Pernod. I had never had Pernod before, and didn’t really enjoy the taste of it. I would stick to normal oysters next time.

New York Cheeseburger ($20)
New York Cheeseburger ($20)

M looked happy as she chowed down on her cheeseburger, which was in fact rare. They had gotten our orders mixed up, but she stated that it was delicious anyway. I experienced a major case of food envy as I watched her eat this.

300 gram Pasture Fed New York Strip ($34)
300 gram Pasture Fed New York Strip ($34)

The Pasture Fed New York Strip ($34) was not something I enjoyed eating. It was also a little overcooked. I like my steaks bloody, and had requested it to be cooked only until about rare, but the waitress had mixed up our orders and given M a rare cheeseburger and me, a medium rare-medium well steak. Other than that, it was pretty much just an average steak, nothing to call home about. I deeply regretted ordering this.

Ice Cream Sandwich ($13)
Ice Cream Sandwich ($13)

The Ice Cream Sandwich ($13) consisted of a gingerbread exterior with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, poached pear, and candied pecans. The contrast between the textures of soft ice cream and gingerbread crunch were nice. However, I the gingerbread biscuit tasted a little stale. The poached pear was delicious when eaten with the hot chocolate sauce.

The service at Bowery Lane was polite, but fell short as I didn’t feel that it was genuine and also wasn’t perfect as they got our orders wrong. Despite this, I felt like the restaurant had a lot more to offer, and would likely come back, but would never order the steak again.

Rating: 5/10

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