Ruby’s Diner, Waverley

Address: Shop 1/173-179 Bronte Road, Waverley

Opening hours: Breakfast and lunch seven days a week

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Ruby’s Diner was a cafe that my friends and I picked to eat at on the public holiday. Prior to coming here, I had never heard of the cafe before, so I came with relatively low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The girls and I arrived there around lunch time, and despite having a large group of 7, were seated immediately.

Interior of Ruby's Diner
Interior of Ruby’s Diner
Open layout of Ruby's
Open layout of Ruby’s

The cafe was decorated in tones of blue and had an open layout that allowed fresh air to waft through the interior.


Iced Coffee ($
Iced Coffee 

E ordered the Iced Coffee and was pleasantly surprised by the small glass jug on the side with black specks- we had no idea what it was, but it was thick and sweet.

While perusing the menu, I became aware that Ruby’s Diner was one of those cafes that featured healthy breakfast and lunch options. The menu featured popular ‘superfoods’ such as kale and quinoa and also focused on house-made and organic items. Some of the menu options included Coconut Quinoa Bircher, Raw Breakfast Salad and a Za’atar Spiced Organic Chicken Salad. Sick of heavy meals at cafes, I welcomed the healthy change and was overwhelmed with all the delicious sounding menu choices. I opted for the Ruby’s Reuben ($17.60) with house-made grass-fed pastrami, cabbage & fennel kraut, Gruyere cheese, and pickles on spelt rye bread. 

Ruby's Organic Beef Burger
Ruby’s Organic Beef Burger ($17)

This post is mostly photos, as I didn’t try anyone else’s dish that day.

Scrambled eggs with toast ($12) plus a side of mushrooms ($4)
Scrambled eggs with toast ($12) plus a side of mushrooms ($4)
Avocado and Roast Tomato ($16.50)
Avocado and Roast Tomato ($16.50)
Ruby's Reuben ($17)
Ruby’s Reuben ($17)

I’m a fanatic when it comes to good bread- if it’s good, I could spend all day eating it. Ruby’s Reuben ($17) was the first Reuben sandwich I had ever tried, and it has ruined me. The bar is now set exceptionally high for all the Reuben sandwiches that I have yet to eat in the future. Ruby’s Reuben, with its house-made grass-fed pastrami was flavoursome, complemented by the creamy addition of Gruyere cheese and tangy pickles. The bread was toasted to perfection; fresh and delicious. I could have eaten 10 of these. The salad on the side was also a nice distraction from the meat, not that I needed one.

I didn’t try any of the other dishes in the photos, but all the girls were as happy with their food as I was, and we all stated how we felt satisfied and full after our meal, but not heavy, as if we had consumed 1000 calories. There was a problem when paying the bill, as we were given the wrong table’s bill by mistake, but this promptly fixed up. The service at Ruby’s was polite and friendly. The atmosphere was also pleasant and great to enjoy on a day with good weather. All in all, the whole group had a good experience dining here, and I’m looking forward to paying another visit.

Rating: 9/10

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