Bills, Darlinghurst

Address: 433 Liverpool Street, Sydney


Opening hours: Breakfast and lunch seven days a week, dinner Tuesday – Saturday

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L and I were having dinner in the city one evening, when the topic of what to eat for dessert came up. I wasn’t experiencing any particular cravings so I told L to pick a place. She was hesitant at first, but suggested Bills as the best place to eat pancakes in Sydney. Having said this, the bar was raised particularly high, but another friend J, had also recommended the ricotta hotcakes at Bills as “the best pancakes she’d eaten in her life.” With that admission, I was eager to try the best pancakes I might ever eat, and off we went.

Although there are a few Bills restaurants in Sydney, we went to the Darlinghurst restaurant. It was around 8pm on a Tuesday night and there were a few other tables of diners in the restaurant. We were seated immediately and given copies of the menu to peruse at our leisure, but there was nothing else we desired except for the Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter and Maple Syrup. We ordered these with the wait staff promptly and sat anticipating the delights to come.

Interior of Bills, Darlinghurst
Interior of Bills, Darlinghurst

The service was polite, but felt rather standard and lacklustre.

L and I didn’t have to wait long for the hotcakes, which were served to us in about 15 minutes.

Ricotta pancakes from Bills
Ricotta pancakes from Bills

The ricotta hotcakes looked very appealing. They were thick and large, dusted with caster sugar and served with a slab of honeycomb butter and maple syrup.



Ricotta pancakes with maple syrup liberally poured over
Ricotta pancakes with maple syrup liberally poured over

The hotcakes were thick and soft on the inside. Served warm, they were comforting to eat with the additions of maple syrup and caster sugar that made the hotcakes sweet, but not overly so. The honeycomb butter was mildly sweet and also complemented the pancakes perfectly. Overall, I had to agree with L in saying that they were hands down the best pancakes I’d eaten in my life.


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