Green Peppercorn, Fairfield


Address: 1 Hamilton Road, Fairfield

Rating: 10/10

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Green Peppercorn is a Thai and Laos restaurant that I only had the opportunity to try for the first time early this year. Given the popularity of this restaurant, and my family’s love for Thai and Laos cuisine, it’s a wonder that I did not get the chance to go to this restaurant earlier.


Sour Sausages (10.90)

My family and I had had a lovely experience the first time we dined at Green Peppercorn, so we decided to come again for a Friday night dinner. As Green Peppercorn only takes reservations for large groups (over 8 people, I think) we came early at around 6pm and were seated immediately. Despite coming so early, the restaurant was almost filled to the brim with diners. We decided on a few dishes quickly and were served by a smiling waitress. Both this time and the previous time I had dined at Green Peppercorn, the service was very friendly, welcoming and efficient.

One of the things I love most about dining at Asian restaurants is the fast delivery time of the food. One of our dishes was delivered to our table within 5 minutes of ordering.

Simple and chic ambience
Simple and chic ambience
Cute buckets used to hold cutlery and serviettes on every table
Cute buckets used to hold cutlery and serviettes on every table
Gang Dang/Red Curry with vegetables ($10.90)
Gang Dang/Red Curry with vegetables ($10.90)

The Red Curry with vegetables was the perfect dish to start off with, as it had been a particularly cool evening and my family and I wanted to warm up. The red curry at Green Peppercorn is extremely delicious and subtly spicy. It was creamy and very flavoursome, while the smell was tantalisingly aromatic and peppered with Asian spices. All the vegetables were cooked perfectly as well. This is probably one of my favourite dishes at Green Peppercorn.

The Sour Sausages were the next dish to be delivered after the Red Curry. They were served with a Laos sauce- nahm jim on the side, which was the perfect salty and spicy addition. The sausages themselves were quite mild in terms of spice, and were instead accented with herbs. The meat inside the sausages was extremely tender and so soft that they didn’t require much chewing. They were very tasty when eaten with the nahm jim sauce, but also tasted great on their own. My uncle remarked that they didn’t have this dish at the other Thai and Laos restaurant we frequent.



Salt and Pepper Calamari ($16.90)
Salt and Pepper Calamari ($16.90)

The Salt and Pepper Calamari at Green Peppercorn is another perfectly executed dish. The Salt and Pepper Calamari was deep fried to perfection, and was slightly salty. The inside was wonderfully fresh and not at all rubbery. It was served with two sides of dipping sauces, a sweet chilli sauce, and a Laos dipping sauce which consisted of fish sauce and spices.




Nem Khao ($13.90)
Nem Khao ($13.90)

The Nem Khao at Green Peppercorn is a mildly spicy rice salad with crunchy pieces of pork. It has a wonderfully fragrant smell which overwhelms our senses as it is brought to our table. It’s one of my uncle’s and also one of my favourite Laos dishes. The rice is accentuated with fragrant coriander and shallots, and we squeeze the wedge of lemon all over the rice before we begin eating. The lemon juice provides a subtle sour flavour to the dish. My favourite part of the Nem Khao are the crunchy pork pieces. They add dimension to the entire dish and provide a crisp contrast to the rice.

Close up of the Nem Khao
Close up of the Nem Khao
Durian Shake ($6.50)



Pandan Creme Brulee ($14.00)
Pandan Creme Brulee ($14.00)

I decided to have the Pandan Creme Brulee for dessert, as one of my friends had previously recommended it to me. The top of the creme brulee was a little to hard to crack, but this didn’t have any effect on the taste. The hard top cracked open to reveal a creamy green custard interior, that had a subtle flavour of pandan and vanilla. I enjoyed the contrast between the two textures and thought it was the perfect end to a delicious dinner.

I’ve been to many other Thai and Laos restaurants, and have to say that Green Peppercorn is the best I’ve been to. As of the times I’ve dined there, I’ve never found any faults with their cooking. Their prices are also extremely reasonable considering the great quality of the food and the service is unfailingly friendly. It’s quickly become a family favourite.


  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about Green Peppercorn lately- what you had looks delicious! Will def have to keep this place in mind to try.

    1. Meatballhead

      I highly recommend Green Peppercorn! Great value for money and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu 🙂 everything is perfect!

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