Mr Crackles



   Interior of Mr Crackles

Mr Crackles is a casual eatery situated on Oxford Street in the heart of Darlinghurst. Its popularity has spread far and wide, and good news of its famous pork crackling roll reached my ears. On one opportune day, K and I ventured to Mr Crackles before catching a film. We arrived at the small but lively eatery on a Saturday afternoon around 2:30pm.



Mr Crackles operates in a relatively small storefront, enough to seat about 8 people, but no more than that, so the majority of customers are prompted to get take away. K and I were lucky enough to spot two people leaving as we arrived and took their seats quickly. The lack of seating probably makes take-away the best option, and the seating itself wasn’t the most comfortable, consisting of a high bar with stools.





I was torn between getting a Mr Crackles roll and the Spicy Pork Nacho Fries. As K decided to go with the Crackles Classic ($12) I opted for the Spicy Pork Nacho Fries ($14). Mr Crackles operates like a typical fast food restaurant or take away shop: customers order at the cashier and are given a ticket with a number which is called out when your food is ready. After ordering at the counter, I was given a ticket and didn’t have to wait long (about 5 minutes) before my number was called out. The Spicy Pork Nacho Fries were encased in a long cardboard container that could also have conveniently functioned as a take-away container.




Cute pig decor at Mr Crackles

After seeing lots of pictures of this dish on Instagram, I had high hopes and wasn’t disappointed. The famous Mr Crackles pork crackling, which sat atop the fries, was fatty and tender on the inside and delightfully crisp on the outside. I particularly enjoyed the cracking sound the crispy part made when I bit into it with my teeth. In addition to the crackling pork, the fries were also garnished with shallots, a mildly spicy tomato salsa, sour cream and even mozzarella cheese under all the other toppings. This made for a rather rich dish, interwoven with many different textures and flavours, but everything worked together perfectly. The fries were thin, lightly seasoned and cooked well. The whole dish was very tasty and addictive, and I ate the whole thing feeling very satisfied.


K’s dish, the Crackles Classic, was also superb. We both noted that the Crackles Classic seemed to be a modern take on the classic Vietnamese pork roll, but updated with crackling pork. It was a classic and winning combination.



 Crackles Classic ($12)


The Crackles Classic features thinly sliced cucumber and carrot slices, mayonnaise, lettuce and their famous pork crackling. I honestly couldn’t decide which was the better tasting dish between the Spicy Pork Nacho Fries and the Crackles Classic, both were so delicious. K and I also noted that the bread roll that had been used for the Crackles Classic was of a superior quality; soft and springy, and just a delight to eat.



 Spicy Pork Nacho Fries ($14)


The service at Mr Crackles was polite and efficient, for a take-away place I found the service to be better than most other places I’ve been to. We were finishing up our meal when it started to get quite busy around 3:30pm and lots of people were eyeing our seats, so we finished up quickly and left.




Overall, K and I were completely satisfied with our outing to Mr Crackles. It hadn’t failed to disappoint in any aspects. I’ll be looking forward to another visit to Mr Crackles to try their other rolls.


Address: 155 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


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